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Are you happy with your smile? Would like to improve it? We can help.

Whether it’s a whiter smile, replacing a missing tooth or repairing a broken one,

Hilltop Dental can give you something to smile about!

Discolored, stained, crooked or oddly shaped teeth can lower self-esteem. With the state-of-the-art techniques available at Hilltop Dental, you can start living with the self confidence you need and deserve.

Success is achieved by our in-house, professionally trained staff providing personal care to each and every patient. In addition, Hilltop Dental works with privately owned and professionally staffed labs, to ensure the proper care is given to every crown and bridge case.

Our use of leading-edge technology sets us apart. We can improve the appearance of old silver fillings, repair broken teeth, and whiten your smile. Call today at 814-255-6831 to arrange for a free consultation.

Read more about Cosmetic Dentistry at ADA (American Dental Association) web site.